Satellite Eyes Studio

helps wholehearted brands
thrive on the web.

You need a website that distills the purpose of your business, strengthens your sales, and amplifies your voice – so you can focus on what lights you up.

Satellite Eyes Studio

helps whole–
thrive on the web.

You need a website that distills the purpose of your business, strengthens your sales, and amplifies your voice – so you can focus on what lights you up.

Whether you offer clients you love a much-needed service,

pour your heart into creating a product with impact,

or simply show up every day, ready to give it everything you’ve got,

you do what you do better than anyone else: the work that creates meaning.

This is Satellite Eyes Studio:


Brand Strategy


Web Design


Front-End Development

a multidisciplinary web studio specializing in design, development, and brand strategy.

a multi–
disciplinary web studio specializing in design, code, and brand strategy.

What does this mean for you? Simply put, I build sites from start to finish. My expertise covers the spectrum of graphic design, writing code for the web, and understanding what gets your audience engaged with your site.

Here’s how:

Quick site for busy bosses

When your growing brand is finally ready for a stepped-up website.

Maybe you’re getting a great response to your side hustle. (Congrats!) Or you’ve been rocking it for a while, with an ancient site to match. You’ve probably thought about taking the DIY route. But who has time to learn a new platform or agonize over the perfect font?
If you need to:

  • get your message in front of your audience in a way that’s authentically you, so you can more clearly speak to them
  • take the hassle and complexity out of building your site
  • create a home on the web for your service-based business, your portfolio, your app, your nonprofit, your offline business*, or just your badass self

Let’s talk!
*And if you run a pizza parlour, an indie movie theater, or a boutique hotel in the jungle, just send me your address – we’re doing this face-to-face.

Custom coding for web designers

Development for Designers: Enlivening your beautiful web designs

Whether you just need a bit of custom CSS or a full-blown build-out, partner with a developer who gets it.

You have a thriving web design biz, a client roster you adore, and, obviously, some pretty epic design skills. But coding? Not your forte. You need a developer you trust as a go-to with your client projects.
If you’re looking for a developer who can:

  • talk design all day, understands what you do and why it’s important, and is completely comfortable with the visual stuff (aka not a code robot)
  • work on a range of projects, from a few lines of CSS in a Squarespace template to a fully-functional pixel-for-pixel reproduction of your PSD in WordPress
  • write clean code, craft responsive layouts, keep things SEO-friendly, set up hosting, and organize an easy-to-use CMS for your client (should go without saying, really)

I’m your girl!

I’m Sarah: a geek over all things web with a wild streak at heart.

A former print designer, I worked as an in-house graphic designer at several social enterprises around Southeast Asia. In 2014 I took Satellite Eyes Studio full-time, and went full-time digital nomad, too.

Today I specialize in crafting web presences using a unique blend of design, code, and strategy to create deeply personalized sites that get to the core of your brand and speak to the heart of your audience.

Sarah took our designs and turned it into perfect code quickly and well–and with a smile on her face. We can’t recommend her enough!


Co-Founder, guesterly

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I’m booking projects for March 2017 and onward.

I’m a total nomad, currently working out of Berlin, Germany, but I have clients all over the world! I keep working hours friendly to many time zones.

And if you’d prefer not to use the contact form, you can reach me at sarah {at} satelliteeyes {dot} net.